Arulmigu Naganathaswamy Temple - Raaghu Bhagavan Sannathi

       Among the nine worship places, for the nine planets, Thirunageswaram is the place where Raaghu Bagavan is obviously active to bestow his grace. Here Raaghu Bagavan can be seen with his two consorts Nagavalli and Nagakanni together, prayers for fulfillment of desires at this shrine are favorably answered with success. This temple is one where Lord Siva was worshipped by Raaghu Bagavan and got relived of a curse. In this temple only we can see the Raaghu Bagavan with human face. All of the places we can see the Raaghu with Serpent Face.

       Thirunageswaram is known as Raaghu Bagavan (Raaghusthalam) place among the Nine planetary situations. As per Astrological system, by doing Milk abisekam here for Raaghu during Raaghu kalam (period of 1and 1/2 hours occurring every day) the delay in getting married; childlessness, trouble some married life, ill-effects of Kalasarpa Dhosha (affliction), Kalasthra Dhosha, Sarpa Dhosha are all cured.

       The MILK while being over poured over the idol, turns BLUE even today and it is really to be seen, to be believed. People from far and near throng here for performing MILK Abhisekam and the number is ever increasing. It should be given kept already in one's life to be lucky to visit this shrine, says Appar Swamigal (Navukkarasar) in one of his rhymes (Thevaram). If people born in stars 'Rohini' and 'Aayilyam' perform Abhisekam etc. for Sri Naganatha swami, they can get cured of bodily ailment and he healthy.

       Raaghu Bagavan, is founds in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses from Lagna or in 9th or 10th place at the time of birth according to the horoscope there will be good effect. But if Raaghu Bagavan is found in 2nd, 5th, 7th or 8th place from Lagna it indicates Raaghudhosha (ill-effects).

       Raaghu Bagavan generally can be said to be the cause for one's good position, status, business, faithfulness, winning over opposition, to be dept-free, to travel over seas, and for mantra power.