Arulmigu Naganathaswamy Temple - History

       This temple is considered most sanctified by its presiding deity (Moorthy) location (sthalam) and sacred water (theertham), and most benevolent because Saiva saints Thirugnana sambanda Swamigal, Thirunavukkarasu Swamigal and Thiru Sundaramoorthy Swamigal have sung in praise of lord siva here, besides being the most worshipful place of legendary fame Saiva saint Sri Sekkizar swamigal who brought out the sacred Saiva text 'Peria Puranam'. This place is one of the 127 worthy places of divine worship spread over the southern bank of River Cauveri.

       Among the nine worship places, for the nine planets, Thirunageswaram is the place where Raaghu Bagavan is obviously active to bestow his grace. Here Raaghu Bagavan can be seen with his two consorts Nagavalli and Nagakanni together, prayers for fulfillment of desires at this shrine are favorably answered with success. This temple is one where Lord Siva was worshipped by Raaghu Bagavan and got relived of a curse.

       Thirunageswaram temple is 6kms from Kumbakonam on the Kumbakonam - Karaikal bus route and by train, there is Thirunageswaram Railway Station between Mailaduthurai and Kumbakonam and the temple is 1km.on the south.

       Poudiga Purana contains the fact that Lord siva once told his consort Umadevi about Shenbagaraniyam, now called Thirunageswaram and its renown.

       At Shenbagaraniyam, under the Shenbagam tree Lord Siva known as Shenbagarane Eswara was gracefully giving bless to devotees. It is here that Nandi (Bull as Lord's mode of conveyance) worshipped the Lord and attained the status as Nandeesan, so too Vinayaga (Lord's first son) the status of Head of Ganas (Lord's worshipful lot of servants). Indira (King of Devas) worshipped Goddess Girigujambal (one adnored with heightened breasts) with Punugu (a rare scent variety) and got relieved of the bad smell emanating from all over his body. Sages Gowthama, Vashista, Parasarar, and Kings Nala, Pandavas and Bageerathan obtained relief after worshipping Sri Naganatha Swami here. Kings of Snakes Aadisesha, Thakshagan and Karkotagan worshipped the Lord here and got blessed.