Arulmigu Naganathaswamy Temple - Festival


TAMIL MONTH :- (November or December)

       This is being performed for ten days ending in the last Sunday of the Tamil month Karthigai. There will be procession of the main deities everyday. On the 5 th day evening the Lord performs archana himself and then in the night comes on precession in Silver Rishaba Vahana with Goddess in four-wheeled thatchs woven beautiful chariot. On the 7 th day, there is Thirukalyana Uthsavam (divine communication), The precession of both the Lord and Goddess in single wooden padichattam ( movable platform carried by men on all four sides) in the night is a feast to the eyes. On the 9 th day there is the procession in the temple charriat (Thiruther). In the evening Lord Sri Natarajar will be taken in procession. On the concluding day Sunday, all deities will come in procession round the main streets and the sanctified water will be offered to devotees at the bank of Surya Theertham. Asthradevar will then take a holy dip in the Tank.

       On the 11 th day Vidayatri (farewell function) the God and Goddess will be decorated in a flower- pallakku (Palanguin) and taken round in procession. There will be Veda Parayanam, Thevaram, Nadaswara recitals (cutcheries) every day.

KANDASHASTI: (October or November)

       The people of this place belong to Sengunthar sect mostly and Kandashasti Uthsavam is celebrated for six days with procession of the deity everyday. On the sixth day Lord Muruga getting “Velayudham” from Goddess is performed in a grand manner. In the night Lord Muruga, with Demon Surapadma proceeding in advance, and Senguntha sect people in various costumes bearing weapons of various description , along with Lord Muruga, will assemble in South Street of this village. In South Street there will be a symbolic fight between Surapadma and Lord Muruga. Navaveerabagu group will sing suitable traditional songs. After fighting in various forms, Like Gaja faced, Lion faced, etc., Surapadma loses the battle, and Lord Muruga wins. This will be in the fashion of olden-day performance of plays in a make-shift wooden platform.


       It is in Thirunageswaram that Raaghu prayed unto the Lord and got relieved of curse on him, on Mahasivarathri day. Hence on this day every year there is Shivarathiri Mahothsavam for three days with abishekam of the Lord using 1008 Conch Shells and every day there will be a grand abisekam and aaradana for Raaghu Bagavan also. In the fourth period of Shivarathiri night, Raaghu Bagavan comes in procession and has darsan of the Lord and gets relieved of the curse. People in large number gather to witness this event.


       Navarathri function is performed for ten days for Goddess Girikujambal. Every day Abirami Andaathi Parayanam is done with Sahasranama archana. On Saraswathi pooja day, Lecture of abirami Andaathi is arranged. On Viyayadasami day Lord and Goddess are taken in procession on Horse Vahanam, duty accompanied by grand Nadaswara music performances. There is a function of “throwing arrow” by the Lord (Ambu Poduthal) and only after this function people begin their preparatory works relating to Deepavali.


       This place being the most sacred one for Sekkizhar Swamigal who wrote Peria Purana, from the year 1969, for the last 37 years, Sekkizhar Vaikasi Poosa celebrations, are being held in a grand manner, with participants like, temple managing crew, Madathipathis of Thirupanandal, Thiruvavaduthurai, Kundrakkudi, Thiruvannamalai Aadeenam, Mandalls performing regular prayers, and temple working staff. There will be musical rendering of Thirumurai and Annadanam etc., everyday. This is being carried out every year for increasing the awareness of Saivism among the people.


       On every occasion of Raaghu switching over to next book word Rasi once in one and half years in Anti-Clockwise, special Abishekam with Homam etc., is performed and on all the three days Raaghu Bagavan is taken in procession in Sesha Vahaham. People come and have darsan of the Bagavan during this period, and the number is increasing every time.